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Entry #6

Games i love! Mostly tower defence HAHA!

2015-11-08 13:24:48 by googletoper

Here are some games i still come back to from ages ago!!!

they are from addictinggames, mofunzone, miniclip, stickpage, and obviously newgrounds.

some of them may be part of a series, like demonic defence, gemcraft, and burito bison.

our lives are just a goodle search away...


  1. sinjid
  2. i am flyin to the moon
  3. red
  4. adventure quest
  5. zombie drop
  6. desktop td pro
  7. bloons tower defence
  8. bowmaster prelude
  9. crimson warfare
  10. burito bison revenge
  11. gemcraft
  12. demonic defence
  13. ghost hacker
  14. project monochrome
  15. gold miner
  16. chicken jokey
  17. into space
  18. toss the turtle


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2016-01-25 04:49:57

ah adventure quest.....i have not touched that game in YEARS! my goodness is my account still online!?

googletoper responds:

it should be! just put in a new password! no wait , ur right! I remember, I had to make a new one because idk. but I got a pet and now I'm board again and haven't touched it again, I like a month or 2 haha


2016-06-29 13:29:38

I'm not big on tower defense, but I liked this game

I'll have to check out some of your recommendations sometime..